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Save yourself up to 14 hours a week

The GeoNext job management software helps you feel more in control by bringing all your existing manual processes online into our easy to use apps and web console. Enter client/job information once, and manage your jobs from quote to payment, saving up to 14 hours a week in admin/paperwork.

GeoNext is simple job management software that helps running a trade or home
service business. It’s a complete toolkit to help simplify day-day tasks, saving 14
hours a week: Create quotes, Assign jobs/bookings, Manage staff, Send invoices
and sync all information directly into accounting software.

Benefits for Trades and Home Service Businesses

  1. Grow your business: No more double handling of information/paperwork,
    means more time to focus on growth.
  2. Improve cashflow: As soon as a job is complete, convert to an invoice and
    accept payment. No more chasing late payments!
  3. Improve customer satisfaction: Spend more time on site with customers with
    information to run your business available anywhere, anytime.

Built specifically for:

Trades and building service businesses including cleaners, repairs and maintenance,
security, electrical, HVAC and more. Designed for easy use wherever you are – in the
office, on the road, or on site.

When you’re managing a trade or home service business, you’ve got a lot going on – countless customer calls, scheduling jobs to staff on the road, job issues and delays, late payments and so much more. And there’s always an unexpected job that requires your immediate attention! Result? You’re left with no energy or time to think about business growth or time with the family. We totally get that! That’s why we’ve partnered to bring to you GeoNext – Your all-in-one job management platform. It helps you manage your day-to-day operations, create and manage quotes, schedule jobs to staff, track job completion, send invoices, get paid faster, and much more

Job management software is a cloud-based platform where you can
find and access all the information and operations of your business.
You can schedule and assign jobs, manage operations, and much

The best part?

You can easily use it on your phone or computer – So even if you’re on
the road most of the time, a job scheduling app can help you ensure
that everything is running smoothly

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in job management

  • Manage all of your teams through one platform. View bookings,
    jobs, and share invoices as soon as a job is completed.
  • View your staff’s schedules in real-time
  • Manage multiple jobs and tasks simultaneously. Easily assign jobs to the free employees in just a few clicks.
  • Generate quotes quickly and easily, and convert these quotes
    into jobs.
  • Free up time to focus more on your customers, increasing
    customer satisfaction and helping you drive repeat business.